Ascension Cosmos Oracles Corp.

Ascension Cosmos Oracles Corp.

Religious Group for Unconditional Love

ACO Ascension Cosmos Organization and Theresa J Morris Ministries form an alliance called.

Love One Another which is what our greatest ascended master Jesus Yeshua issues. Wisdom

To declare that we are all on the same planet as passengers in space in this universe, dimension,

Plane, and existence of infinity. We share as volunteer clergy and independent contractors and will follow our ACO Articles & By-laws for our associations and american administrative management services.

Sex discrimination and religious discrimination are open for philosophical discussions and

are net neutrality. We offer open-source intelligence for our providers in our membership.

We satisfy equal treatment I our religious liberty under fair practice for all humanity.

We occupy the field of cosmology and determination of establish reasonable rules to carry.

Out the field of open-source intelligence of faith and belief in an all knowing of nature’s God.

We are an opening and welcoming community of converted faith healers in love and light.

and a series of books of references to the Ascension Age. We do not discriminate among

members due to race, color, creed, ethnic origin, planet of origin, alien species one identifies.

as or pronoun sets used to describe in life and in writing and matching the identification of

one couple as male and female or same sex marriage couples. We do not discriminate.

ACO is for all our Ascension Cosmos Oracles as lightworkers and truthseekers who do not.

Discriminate against any persons origin, or religion. No religious belief can allow a principal.

 to harm anyone as in all dealing with others. We do our best to help and not harm.

ACO Radio Club is about sharing spiritual education cyberspace community culture online.   

The faith is recognized to believe in unity and infinity and alien and/or ET civilizations exist.

The TJ Morris Agency is Agent of Service for all services as in a government contracting case.

Use the phrase with internal operations and free agency to use clergy as independents.

May participate as volunteers in our fellowship spiritual community of religious faith.

We are universal life ministers ordained by clergy involved with, “Do what is right!”

We follow our insight, intuition, prophets who act as channel and messengers of the divine.

Independent Contractors

Involved with a principal agency. Objectionable to a religious ground that our contractors are clergy.

Rational basis is for independent contractors and in the field of clergy and philosophy and beliefs.

We have a difference of staging process for one year for certification to certify for following our

Train the Trainers in all matters of confirming one as a clergy member. We all do important valuable work for our cyberspace community.

TJ Morris Agency shares TJ Morris ET Radio Brand and the Theresa J Morris Ministries. Each podcast is a conversation with a thought-leader, professional or practitioner of marketing and communications on the issues, insights, and opportunities in the marketing management category. Ideal for marketers, advertisers, media, and commercial communications professionals. We honor religious exercises among all free people.

We share all things allowed by law. Fair and balanced incentives and reasonable accommodations for all our pluralistic in free exercise not just to agree with others.

Who are in charge? We believe the ultimate higher power is the God as Monad and the Pythagoras philosophy for our historical history in all world religions.